strawberry mint tumbler

strawberry mint tumbler


Mason jars are awesome. Mason jars you can drink out of are even better. But what happens to your cold, refreshing drink on a blistering hot day?

Drink sweat. Condensation. A big messy puddle of it.

Enter, the cozy. This 100% wool cozy will soak up all that drink sweat, and not feel wet! It'll also insulate your drink, whether you're drinking something hot or cold.

The mason jar lids are made with a food grade silicone grommet, which does not off gas (release nasty chemicals) and make your drink taste funky.

These 24 oz. glass tumblers fit nicely in your car cup holder and each one also comes with a reusable stainless steel straw.... that's big enough for smoothies. Yes, your liquid meal just got even easier to drink on the go.

What you get:

•    24 oz. Mason jar w/ lid
•    100% wool cozy
•    1 stainless steel straw

I recommend hand washing the lid, but the jar and straw are dishwasher safe. The grommet can easily be popped out if the straw hole needs some extra cleaning, be careful the edges are sharp!

All items are made to order, please allow up to 10 days for production.


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