scallop scarf

scallop scarf


This infinity scarf is knit with 100% wool yarn and can be wrapped around twice for serious warmth. It is fully patterned inside and out, so there is no wrong side. That also means there's 2 layers of fabric when worn long, and 4 layers when wrapped.....snowball fight anyone?

  • 100% wool, produced in the USA
  • 10 inches wide (25 cm)
  • 52 inch circumference (132cm)
  • hand wash only

Why wool?

  • superior, natural fiber
  • wicks away moisture (it can get wet and keep you warm)
  • it's breathable (cozy, not stale and stuffy)
  • resilient (take good care of it, and it'll last a long time!) 

All items are made to order, please allow up to 10 days for production.


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