sour*puss [souuhr-poos, sou-er-]

a person having a grouchy disposition that is often accompanied by a scowling facial expression

Lorraine Murray

Lorraine Murray

Most people agree that winter is the crappiest's cold, grey, never has it's own disorder for crying out loud!

But it's my favorite.

Growing up in central Texas, I always felt cheated when our "winter" would end and the face melting heat returned. I want to wear layers....sweaters, scarves, hats, leggings! So one summer, on a whim, I moved north....way north.

Living in Vermont for 6 years solidified my love of winter, where piling on the layers is essential, and it's where I learned how to knit. 

See, the only thing I wanted to be growing up was an artist. I tried out many different artistic hobbies, trying to find my passion, or really just something that was interesting enough to want to get good at, to get beyond the beginner ugliness. Because you know what?.......

I'm anal. I'm a perfectionist. I pay close attention to detail, and I have high standards. Designing and making knitwear on my domestic knitting machine is my passion. I love making the cozy, colorful gear I wish I had had for those bitter Vermont winters.

Now I'm back home in Austin pursuing my dream, and complaining about the heat, with my amazingly supportive husband and daughter. They are my constant cheerleaders, pushing me to believe in myself and to dream big. 


Some random things about me:

  • I'm a cat person. Dogs are cute and all, but they need way too much attention...I might as well have another kid.
  • Patterns and color are exciting to me.
  • I don't wear high heels...ever. I'll be sporting sneakers with skirts & dresses till I die. 
  • Smacking mouth sounds is my #1 pet peeve, e.g. people who chew loudly and my cat licking his ass.
  • I curse a lot
  • I grew up vegetarian, way before it was normal. I'd bring kiwis and wasabi chips to school for lunch. Yeah, nobody wanted to trade with me.
  • I love to bake and make sweets, probably because there was a huge void of baked delicious-ness growing up, see above